zuckerberg getty Mark Zuckerberg returns to Harvard for FacebookMark Zuckerberg is returning to Harvard University for the first “official” time since he dropped out in 2004 to work on Facebook (er, The Facebook) full time — but, of course, not as a student. (Let’s be real – Zuck doesn’t need no schoolin’.)

Mark Zuckerberg will visit Harvard on Monday to recruit students for jobs and internships at Facebook,” the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences announced. It’s not technically his first time back — he made an unofficial appearance in an introductory computer science class in 2005 — but it is the first time he’s been invited back to meet with “Harvard officials.”

How very Ivy League.

At an event last week at Stanford University, Zuckerberg explained why he didn’t return to Harvard after what was just supposed to be a summer break in California to jump-start his business. “I knew nothing, so I had to be out here. Facebook would not have worked had I stayed in Boston,” he said, according to the Atlantic Wire. “But I think that now, knowing more of what I know, I think I might have been able to pull it off.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie