zuckerberg getty Mark Zuckerberg to take Facebook public, he tells Charlie RoseCharlie Rose’s Monday show on PBS features an exclusive interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and CEO Sheryl Sandberg, where they addressed the often-discussed prospect of a Facebook IPO.

Zuckerberg tells Rose that his interest in taking Facebook public isn’t entirely a financial one. It’s about continuing incentives to get the best creative brains in the business working in their Palo Alto headquarters.

“I actually think the biggest thing for us is that a big part of being a
technology company is getting the best engineers and designers and
talented people around the world,” he says. “And one of the ways that you can do
that is you compensate people with equity or options, right, so you get
people who want to join the company, both for the mission, right,
because they believe that Facebook is doing this awesome thing and they
want to be a part of connecting everyone in the world, but also, if the
company does well, then they get financially rewarded and can be set.”

Competing social networks — including Twitter and Groupon — haven’t made Zuckerberg feel any pressure to go public sooner rather than later. “Honestly, it’s not something I spend a lot of time on a day-to-day basis thinking about it now,” he says.

We just want to know when the newest version of Farmville will be released.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie