jessica ryan d married at first sight 'Married at First Sight': Jessica and Ryan D. are having sex   is that good or bad?It’s moving day on “Married at First Sight.” The three couples are finding a place to live, which means that the first big, sensitive issue is here — finances. But there’s also confirmation that one couple has consummated their marriage.

Jessica and Ryan D.

The apartment hunt for these two is a pretty massive problem, because they have very
different ideas about how much they should spend on an apartment. Jessica is
a saver, Ryan is a spender and that’s tough to reconcile. They eventually find a place, but the lack of communication between them continues to be an issue.

is also confirmed that these two are sleeping together, which is interesting. The other two couples aren’t, which maybe speaks to
their wanting to get to know each other first.

Sex between Jessica and
Ryan could indicate that they’re growing closer, but it could also mean that maybe they were looking for something to
fill the void or distract themselves because things aren’t working out
so well. Time will tell.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

couple has the biggest logistical problem to overcome — their two
homes are over three hours apart. They decide to split the difference
and live in Astoria, Queens, which is about an hour commute to work for
each of them. They also agree to split expenses 50/50, so they’re making
the most in-roads in terms of compromising for each other.

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They find a great apartment and the only thing that kind of stinks is Ryan moving away from his niece, whom he cares for after both her parents have passed away. That’s tough for Ryan, but on the bright side, Jaclyn is now seeing him “as a man” and not just a friend. She says the sexytime is imminent. Woo woo.

So everything is really kind of coming up roses for Jaclyn and Ryan.

Davina and Sean

Who is it not coming up roses for? These two.

Sean and Davina each own their individual residence and Davina’s is being renovated, so they have to find temporary housing in Manhattan — which means financing three properties at one time, two of which are in one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Yikes.

When they go apartment hunting, Sean is completely overwhelmed by the tiny apartments they can afford (which are still massively expensive). So he’s kind of withdrawing, which means Davina is thinking there’s something wrong with her. But that’s not the issue — it’s just that Sean is going to have to seriously adjust his lifestyle for you, so give him some time.

Davina then has kind of a tantrum about how she “wants to be f***ing courted,” but she needs to chill out. Just because she thinks Manhattan is the end-all, be-all doesn’t mean this isn’t a huge upheaval for Sean. He’s not jumping up and down to uproot his whole life and move to a strange new place. Relax, lady.

And in another wrinkle, Davina is ready to make with the sexytime, but Sean is not.

Next week: New Year’s Eve!

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