married season 2 fx 'Married' cast teases Season 2 storyline hopes and dreams“Married” wrapped its first season on Sept. 18, and though a Season 2 isn’t guaranteed, the cast has their own hopes and dreams about what they could do with 10 more episodes.

Zap2it spoke with stars Nat Faxon, Jenny Slate and Brett Gelman while they were filming “Married’s” Season 1 finale “Family Day,” and they shared some of what they’d like to do if they returned for more of the FX series. Faxon, for one, would be interested in potentially writing or directing a Season 2 episode.

“This season there was a lot going on, and also I felt like I wanted to concentrate and sort of settle into the character a little bit. We were on such a compressed schedule I felt like it would have been hard to kind of do all of that,” he says. “But, certainly if [creator] Andrew [Gurland] and [writer Salamo Levin] and those guys wanted that, I would welcome it. I would be intimidated, in a way, and scared, because I do love the scripts. But I do think it would be a fun challenge to try to do. Same with directing an episode, potentially.”

In terms of plot, Gelman knows where he’d like to see AJ go after his rehab stint in the finale. “I’m excited that AJ would be sober and that it shows that it’s not just drugs or alcohol and sex that makes somebody go nuts,” he says. “I’m really excited to see in what kind of sober way AJ causes a lot of trouble.”

For Faxon, it’s examining where Russ and Lina’s marriage goes from their finale troubles. “They’re in a situation where they’re sort of needing to figure out their living arrangement, and I think they’re both coming at it from a different view point,” Faxon says. “I think Russ sees this as an opportunity to change things up, and I think he’s sort of desperate to change direction in his life. I think he’s feeling unhappy and bored, and I think Lena is just trying to deal. I think it’s a bit of a combustible situation in the sense that they’re both kind of wanting different things at this point in their life and that’s kind of coming to a head.”

Slate enjoyed watching Jess grow over the course of “Married’s” 10 episodes. “I think everyone knows that person who kind of has no filter and parties a lot and seems a bit untamed, but I began to think of her not as untamed but as just somebody who has just been with a lot of debris from other people, that she is just thrown out and completely sling-shotted back at herself to someone with a lot of like dents in her shield,” Slate says of Jess’ evolution. “I started to see the shield and I started to see the really sensitive person beneath and play both of those.”

On a broader scale, Gelman says he’s excited “to just to see how things get better and how things get worse, and the way that Andrew will build the story, because its just so high octane, this first season. He adds, “I’m really look forward to seeing the ways in which Andrew gets all of us into a ton of trouble.”

What would you like to see happen in “Married” Season 2?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz