marry me dudes 320 'Marry Me': Team Luke, Adam or Harry?How are you enjoying “Marry Me” so far?

Now that Part I of Lifetime’s “Marry Me” has aired, we’d like to take your temperature about Rae’s (Lucy Liu ) three guys before she makes that crucial decision during the conclusion Monday night (Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. ET).

Let’s go over each one:

Adam (Bobby Cannavale, center) – This is the ex-boyfriend who left her to
photograph frogs. When he came back, he was with a showy woman he
claimed was his niece. He and Rae have enough history together that no
matter what, he should have contacted her when he came back.

Luke (Steven Pasquale, left) – There’s no doubting their chemistry, and we love their banter. But seriously, dude, slow your roll. Even if you truly believe she’s your future wife, as soon as she doesn’t say “yes,” maybe you need to give her some space? Sheesh. What’s your rush? We don’t get the whole idea that you can find out all that other stuff later either. There are some things that need to be cleared up first.

Harry (Enrique Murciano, right) – Okay, granted, Harry is kind of an unknown at this point, but that will change in Part 2. Besides being Luke’s best friend and a rich playboy, we only know that he can be sort of charming. There was that whole mesmerizing meet cute, and we definitely felt some chemistry there.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen