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People say rather risque things when guests on “Chelsea Lately.” Case in point: Martha Stewart. As a guest on Tuesday (Oct. 22), the home decorating mogul talked about drinking the night before and the time she visited billionaire Warren Buffett, possibly because he wanted to have sex with her.

Every celebrity should have to talk to Chelsea Handler. The results are great.

Stewart’s interview got off to a good start — she brought the host a bottle of Reyka vodka from Iceland. It of course had a lovely bow tied around the top, because it’s important to use simple things to make the everyday into beauty.

The gift then inspired Handler to ask about Stewart’s previous night. “Where was I last night?” Stewart asked before recalling that she had been a judge for the Hub’s costume contest. She didn’t drink vodka though — Martha Stewart stuck with Cointreau on the rocks.

It’s clear like vodka, you see. That way, no one knows how drunk you are getting.

Later, the talk moved on to Halloween costumes in Stewart’s own life. Did you know that her two pugs have a larger closet than their owner — full of “their costumes and their headdresses.” Headdresses?

Martha and Chelsea continue to chat like old friends, happily comparing stories about falling asleep during dinner parties. The conversation really got interesting, however, when the topic of multi-billionaire Warren Buffett came up.

Martha Stewart knows Warren Buffett. She knows the man well, in fact — she even vacationed at his home one time. “He invited me out to Omaha once,” Stewart recalled. “To see all his businesses. And he met me, he picked me up at the airport in his old, rickety American car. His license plate, guess what it said? ‘Thrifty.'”

Of course Handler wanted to know if this was all about a hook-up. Alas, Stewart didn’t capitalize on the opportunity. “I thought maybe that was why he invited me,” she said. “But I was too obtuse. I was stupid.” Looking back on the visit, however, Stewart was confident that the whole thing was about sex.

That would have been an interesting couple, wouldn’t it?

Posted by:Laurel Brown