Hugo dog1.jpgMartin Scorsese has a beef with dog awards. Blackie, the Doberman from his film “Hugo” was shut out of the nominations for Best Movie Dogs 2011. You know who got nominated twice? You guessed it. Uggie, the Jack Russell from “The Artist” and “Water for Elephants.” He’s also currently rehearsing for an Oscar skit with Billy Crystal.

In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Scorsese is claiming breedism. He says, “OK, let’s lay all our cards on the table. Jack Russell terriers are
small and cute. Dobermans are enormous and — handsome. More tellingly,
Uggie plays a nice little mascot who does tricks and saves his master’s
life in one of the films, while Blackie gives an uncompromising
performance as a ferocious guard dog who terrorizes children. I’m sure
you can see what I’m driving at.”

He continues “I’m proud of Blackie, who laid it on the line and dared to risk the
sympathy of her audience. Let’s just say that on the set, she had a
fitting nickname: Citizen Canine. The bath scene alone is a masterpiece
of underplaying, with Blackie’s wonderfully aquiline face accentuated by
the 3-D.”

He thinks he knows what’s going on here. “Russell terriers were bred in the 19th century for the purposes of fox
hunting by an Englishman, the Rev. John Russell. Dobermans were bred by a
German tax collector who was afraid of being bludgeoned to death by the
citizenry,” he said.

This may be the cutest complaint ever. Scorsese asks that people start a write-in campaign to get Blackie on the ballot for the first Golden Collar nominations. Aw, guys, start writing! We love you, Blackie!

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