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Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez have partnered up again for the newly-released movie “The Way.” The film, which was written and directed by Estevez, has been favorable reviews for its touching portrayal of searching for inspiration in the wake of tragedy.

The movie is about a California opthamologist (Sheen) who has to go collect the remains of his son (Estevez) who is killed during a storm in northern Spain. This leads to the doctor’s own journey of self discovery.

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

Los Angeles Times: Estevez has created a more low-key and cohesive movie, and clearly a more personal one. The father-son dynamic is played just right, Tom’s sightings of his deceased son arriving at key moments. If only that resonance carried into the rest of the story’s episodic progression.

Indie Wire: “The Way” has the makings of a movie that shouldn’t work, but it navigates many of those potential faults with surprising competence.

NY Daily News: It’s also hard to ignore the fact that everything about this film radiates sincerity–which should appeal not just to fellow travelers, but anybody burnt out by an industry that often seems built on hardened calculation.

Huffington Post: The Way goes exactly where you expect it to — and yet this journey is worth the trip because the destination ultimately proves so moving.

New York Times: “This is not an “inspirational film” in the usual, syrupy sense; none of these people are overtly finding God on this trek. The beauty of the movie, in fact, is that Mr. Estevez does not make explicit what any of them find, beyond friendship.

Here’s a preview…

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