martin sheen president bartlet jacket flip Martin Sheen teaches 'West Wing' jacket flip to Stephen ColbertMartin Sheen stopped by “The Colbert Report” Monday night (June 11), currently promoting “The Amazing Spider-Man,” in which he plays Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben. Thankfully, they didn’t talk about “Spider-Man” much (not that it doesn’t look good).

But Sheen will always be near and dear as President Bartlet on “The West Wing,” about which host Stephen Colbert had this to say:

“You have ruined being a liberal president for Barack Obama. Because no liberal president can be as liberal or as presidential as Josiah Bartlet was. It was an idealized portrait of what it was like to be a Democratic president.”

Heh. Sheen did get a little political, talking about his real-life liberal views.

“We’re called to be a voice for the voiceless and be a presence for the marginal and so if you have capabilities and you don’t have to work full time, you’re required to be on the line and serve the common good,” says Sheen.

And finally, Colbert brought up the unique way President Bartlet would don his jacket on the show and Sheen both demonstrated and coached Colbert through it. It was a cute interview, we’ll post video as soon as we have it. But below is a delightful segment about the “jacket flip” from a “West Wing” DVD – Sheen actually did that all by himself, way before Jed Bartlet came along.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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