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For a story on an upcoming TCM special called "Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood," airing March 24, I had occasion earlier this week to interview the charming Linda Jones Clough, daughter of the legendary "Looney Tunes" animator (who also did "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"), who was her business partner as well as her dad.

I had to confess to her my lifelong affection for Jones' work, especially the "Looney Tunes" characters — indeed, the first photo I took during my first visit to Los Angeles was a snap of the water tower at Warner Bros., shot through a shuttlebus window — and we also talked a bit about the differences between the animated characters of Walt Disney Co. and those of Warner Bros.

In my experience, people either prefer Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and their buddies, or Bugs Bunny, Mickeymouse280

Daffy Duck and theirs.

This reminded me of a conversation I had on the set of "Leverage" about whether comic-book fans prefer the characters from Marvel Comics (such as Spider-Man or Iron Man) or DC Comics (such as Superman or Batman).

Then I wondered whether there were any corollaries among these groups of fans.


So, I posit the theory, for which I have no hard evidence, that Marvel fans are also more likely to prefer "Looney Tunes" characters to Disney characters, and that DC fans Spider-man80

lean more Disney than "Looney."

Of course, I could be utterly wrong in this. But since the recent stimulus bill passed without a multimillion-dollar grant for me to study this issue, I'm going to crowdsource it instead. So please help a girl out and vote in the following poll. Also, feel free to use the comments section to make your arguments on the topic one way or the other.

Can't wait to see the answers!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare