The Avengers poster.jpg“Marvel’s The Avengers” is getting a sequel. Also, the sun is hot, the sky is blue and donuts are delicious. The film has, at the time of this writing, taken in over $700 million worldwide and broke the record for the biggest opening of all time.

Disney Chairman Bob Iger made the announcement Tuesday during a conference call, according to The Wrap. Though this announcement is the first official word, no one in or out of the industry doubted that this would happen. If anyone thought that the comic book/superhero craze was on a downswing is about to salt their hat and eat it.

Have you guys seen “The Avengers” yet? What did you think? Did Joss Whedon knock it out of the park? Do you agree that the Hulk stole the film? We want to hear your thoughts below.

Posted by:jbusch