the avengers jeremy renner marvel joss whedon scarlett johansson hawkeye 'Marvel's The Avengers': Meet HawkeyeHawkeye, otherwise known as Clinton “Clint” Francis Barton made an appearance in “Thor,” but we only saw him for a few minutes. He’s a big part of the biggest movie of the summer, “Marvel’s The Avengers.” He’s played by Jeremy Renner and he’s an expert marksman. But there is a lot more to Hawkeye.

Hawkeye was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, and first showed up in “Tales of Suspense” #57 in 1964. He joined the Avengers in “Avengers” Vol. 1 #16 the next year. He was born in Waverly, Ohio and lost both of his parents in a car accident. After years in an orphanage, he and his brother Barney ran away to join the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders where he trained to become a master archer.

Iron Man inspired him to become a costumed hero, but his first attempt at heroics was mistaken for theft. While hiding out, he met Black Widow, a spy for the Soviet Union (played by Scarlett Johansson in the film) and fell in love. He tried to help her out with a crime, but she was seriously injured in the attempt. She disappeared which makes Hawkeye decide to stay on the good side of the law.

In the comics, Hawkeye’s outfit is purple, but luckily Renner will wear black in the film. “Marvel’s The Avengers” opens in theaters on May 4.

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