marvin miller dead at 95 gi Marvin Miller dies: Man behind baseball free agency dead at 95Marvin Miller has dies at the age of 95. The Major League Baseball Players Association announced Miller’s death, which was reportedly caused by liver cancer.

The Los Angeles Times reports under Miller’s time as head of the baseball players union, player salaries rose on average from $19,000 to $240,000. Miller was the union leader from 1966 – 1983.

Miller spearheaded a movement to allow players to act as free agents once their contracts with specific teams ended.

According to baseball great Hank Aaron, Miller “should be in the Hall of Fame [even] if the players have to break down the doors to get him in.”

As basketball and football followed suit in the free agency movement, Miller is credit for changing the landscape of American sports – driving it toward the highly commercialized industry it has become.

Miller was born April 14, 1917 in Brooklyn and grew up watching the Dodgers play in their third home at Ebbets Field.

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