mary harvey steve harvey Mary Harvey on Steve Harvey's infidelity: 'It's rape to me'Though years have passed since their 2005 divorce, Steve Harvey‘s ex-wife Mary has recently come forward to slam him in a series of YouTube videos and an appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on Monday morning.

Mary says that Steve’s infidelity still troubles her. “The reason I’ve been silent this entire time is because I did take into
consideration what it would do to both of our families and our community,” she tells Joyner. “But keeping quiet hasn’t served me physically. It hasn’t served our son. I have suffered physically because of it. I’m not in good
health right now.”

Mary alleges that Steve was unfaithful and that his current wife, Marjorie Bridges, was his mistress.

Not only a comedian and host, Steve has written several relationship books, including “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” and Mary believes that he owes an apology to women who have bought his books believing in his integrity.

Joyner, a friend of Steve’s, suggested that he does do good for the community.

“I have no doubt about that, but from a victim standpoint, it’s like
saying to someone who was raped and had not had closure from his
attacker that he’s still doing some good,” Mary said. When Joyner tried to steer her away from using the word rape, she insisted, “It’s rape to me.”

Steve’s attorney released a statement calling Mary’s YouTube videos false and defamatory.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie