PETA wants to help make the holidays safe for animals by "fighting back against notorious animal abusers."

That’s why it has put a snowball tossing game on its website. C’mon, go ahead. Toss a snowball or two at your least favorite fur-wearing celebrities, including Madonna, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Gov. Sarah Palin.

Hey, it might not be as good as throwing a virtual shoe at President Bush, but it’s better than nothing.

Image51 So far, only Palin’s camp has contacted the organization, PETA says.

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s prez, claims she received a call from a rep (who didn’t reveal his or her identity) from Palin’s office, threatening to sue if the group didn’t remove the game from its website. 

PETA’S  Vice President Bruce Friedrich said, "Sarah Palin is a bully who never saw an animal she didn’t want to kill, so it’s not surprising that her staff would try to intimidate us anonymously and then backtrack when called out.  Our game represents a fun way to focus attention on a very serious subject — cruelty to animals supported by Sarah Palin and other targets of the game — and we have no intention of taking it down in response to these pathetic attempts at intimidation."

Communications director for Palin’s office, Bill McAllister, insists they aren’t upset about the game. "We take all kinds of shots all the time," he says. (No pun apparently intended)

"We realize we’re a fair target.  I could care less about the game."

Again, no pun, we’re sure, intended.

He adds, "This allegation about a lawsuit is just too much.  No one in our office knew anything about it.  And PETA has refused to say who called."

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Photo: PETA

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead