mary kay today Mary Kay Letourneau, convicted child rapist, now a grandmotherMary Kay Letourneau — you’ll remember her as the Seattle teacher who went to jail for having an intimate relationship with a 13-year-old student, spent seven years in prison, then married the guy after her release — stopped by “Today” Friday (Jan. 28) morning to give us an update on what is, let’s face it, a bizarro world life.

First off, she’s now a 48-year-old grandmother. In December, Letourneau’s son Steve, one of four children she had with her first husband, became a dad. Steve, it should be noted, is 26 — a year younger than Letourneau’s husband, the now 27-year-old Vili Fualaau.

And while we want to be charitable and say, look, these two are clearly destined for one another and have figured out a way to make it work, Letourneau still gives off the loopy/creepy vibe that fascinated us back in 1997.

That impression does not improve on closer inspection. Letourneau and Fualaau have been together for more than half of Fualaau’s life span and married since 2005. They’ve also got two daughters of their own, 13-year-old Audrey and 12-year-old Georgia Alexis (who was born while Letourneau was still in prison).

Host Meredith Vieira did not let it pass unsaid that Letourneau’s oldest daughter is the same age Fulauu was when she started her relationship with him.

“If your daughter came to you now and said, ‘I started a relationship with a male teacher,’ what would your reaction be?” asked Vieira.

Here’s Letourneau’s answer, verbatim:

“I don’t believe– there’s physiological issues with a female having, engaging in sexual activity. I’d be worried if she was with someone her own age because just ideally– particularly for a female– later.”

There are a few other awkward moments, like the deafening silence from Mr. and Mrs. Fulauu when asked what they have in common.

Watch the clip below for the full interview:

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson