mary steenburgen ted danson getty 320 Mary Steenburgen joins 'Bored to Death': A brief history of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Danson acting together

Wherever Ted Danson goes, Mary Steenburgen will likely follow — and vice versa. Such has been the case since the two actors married in 1995, becoming one of our favorite couples in Hollywood.

The AP reports that the latest collaboration between the two will take place during the next run of HBO’s “Bored to Death.” Danson confirms her appearance in a recent interview.

But who will she play — and how many other times have they acted together? The answers to both of those questions lay in our brief, thorough history of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Danson’s shared TV credits:

“Gulliver’s Travels,” 1996
It’s been 15 years since we saw NBC’s mini-series based on the Swift satire, but taking a look back at the early days of their romance, the “world-shattering special effects” and Danson’s flowing extensions has pushed it to the top of our Netflix queue.

“Ink,” 1996 – 1997
One of Danson’s not-so-successful post-“Cheers” TV gigs, “Ink” starred the real-life newlyweds as divorced reporters working at the same newspaper. It was an unexpected twist… that nobody watched.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm,” 2000 – 2011
Since the start of the show — 11 years ago! — Mary and Ted have enjoyed playing parodies of themselves on “Curb.” Real-life friends of Larry David‘s, they presumably like him more than they seem to on the show.

“Becker,” 2004
“Becker” is one of those shows that managed to be on the air for six seasons, without us ever really noticing. Steenburgen was not in the regular cast of her husband’s sitcom, but she did appear as one of his patients in the series’ finale. Cute!

“Bored to Death,” 2011
Steenburgen joins the detective comedy in Season 3, where Danson says she’ll play his character’s (George Christopher) vocal coach. He hires so that he can sing in a fund-raising production of “Man of La Mancha.”

At the end of last season, George struck up a romance with Mary Kay Place, but we’re sure they can accommodate a little on-screen canoodling for George and his vocal coach.

We have high hopes for Steenburgen’s turn on “Bored to Death.” She’s a funny actress, and should it not work out… we’d really hate to see what they might do with her on “Damages.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell