mary tyler moore dick van dyke rachael ray Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke surprise reunion on 'Rachael Ray'Legendary actors Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke stopped by “Rachael Ray” Thursday (May 12) for a “Dick Van Dyke Show” reunion. Dick was the original guest and Rachael surprised her audience (and Dick too!) with Mary dropping by to the recreated “Dick Van Dyke Show” living room.

Before Mary came out, Rachael and Dick looked back at his iconic role in “Mary Poppins” as chimney sweep Bert. He relayed a story of being in the market a few weeks ago when a mom told her daughter that he was Bert and the little girl ran over, then came back to her little brother and delightfully exclaimed, “I met Bert’s grandpa!”

When Mary joined them, they reminisce about how groundbreaking “The Dick Van Dyke Show” was, especially with Laurie Petrie not being the typical housewife seen up to the on television – wearing pants! Oh, the horror!

They also relay stories of Lucille Ball sneaking into their set to watch tapings, as the show taped on the Desilu Studio set right next door to “The Lucy Show.”

Rachael asks them about their favorite shows and Mary says, “My favorite show, no matter which it was, was the singing and dancing we got to do together.”

Dick adds, “One called ‘Coast to Coast, Big Mouth,” where she let it out that Carl Reiner was bald on national television … [Mary] was so hysterical in that, for me her best show. That and opening up the inflatable raft.”

The show then took audience questions. The first one was what is Dick’s favorite role over the years and he says:

“The five years with Mary on the ‘Van Dyke Show’ were the best five years of my life … it was like a party every day. It was the most creative and the most fun. I would still be doing it if they let me.”

“Me too!,” Mary chimes in.

“But Mary then did a show which took situation comedy a step further and got in more to relationships. It had a little more texture to it. ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ was, to me, the best that ever was,” continues Dick.

“It could’ve been much better if we’d had you on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show,'” says Mary.

The palpable affection between them was just wonderful. In talking about their “DVD Show” counterparts, Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie, Dick reveals that Morey wrote lyrics to the “DVD Show” theme song. He then performs them.

“So you think that you’ve got trouble/ Well, trouble’s a bubble, so tell ol’ Mr. Trouble to get lost/ Why not hold your head up high and stop crying, start trying and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed/ When you find the joy of living is loving and giving, you’ll be there when the winning dice are tossed/ A smile is just a frown that’s turned upside down, so smile and that frown will defrost/ and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed.”

It’s delightful. And finally, when asked by the audience who she would cast in a modern-day “DVD Show,” Mary says, “I’d probably chose Tea Leoni and Greg Kinnear to play Dick.” and Van Dyke pipes up, “I’d pick Jim Carrey.”

One thing not mentioned in the interview (because it taped prior to this news breaking) is that Mary Tyler Moore is undergoing brain surgery. Her rep tells People she is going to have a benign tumor removed from the lining of her brain, which is a “fairly routine procedure.” We wish her the best.

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