Mary-Tyler-Moore.jpgMary Tyler Moore will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAG Awards tonight (Jan. 29). Her ground-breaking television shows paved the way for some of the craziness we watch today. Her work was the beginning of the single girl comedy genre.

Moore is still working. She just appeared on her buddy Betty White‘s show “Hot in Cleveland” and attended White’s 90th birthday party. And shows like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” are still used as a bar that other shows in the genre reach for. A number of critics said “No Mary Richards” of the new Chelsea Handler show “Are You There, Chelsea?” according to the LA Times.

So, does she watch any of the new shows? She tells the site, “Oh, I don’t watch any of them,” she said recently from her office in
New York. “Why would I? That story has been done, and I think we did it
pretty well. I don’t need to watch another version.”

She broke a number of taboos in her shows, but doesn’t think there are many barriers left to break through on telelvision. “Taboos?” she says, “there aren’t any taboos anymore.” She wouldn’t rule out a turn on “The Good Wife,” which she says she loves. When it’s suggested that she play Diane’s (Christine Baranski) aunt, she says, “She’s great! Yeah, yeah, I’ll mention it to my agent.”

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