mega-millions-maryland-lottery-winners-ticket-logo-numbers-ball-three-amigos.jpgIt just wasn’t meant to be for Marlinde Wilson, the Maryland woman who claimed she’d purchased a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket in Maryland and then misplaced it. On Tuesday (April 10), the real jackpot winners stepped forward — anonymously — to claim their jackpot.

Each of the three winners — two school teachers and a school administrator who are calling themselves “The Three Amigos” — will claim approximately $35 million after taxes, reports Yahoo News . All three say they will continue to work despite their windfall.

Wilson, the woman who claimed to have purchased the winning ticket, has remained mum since the Three Amigos’ announcement. Though, says Maryland Lottery director Steven Martino, the Amigos did have a laugh when Wilson claimed to have — or not so much have — the winning ticket.

Martino also described the Amigos as, “cheerful and humble and a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson