masterchef finale adrien jennifer christian 'MasterChef' finale: Was it Adrien, Jennifer or Christian?

The Season 2 finale of “Masterchef” aired on FOX Tuesday night, and much to the pleasure of reality-show-villain-haters everywhere, the cartoonishly egotistical Christian was sent packing just before the final stretch.

That left Jennifer Behm, the former Miss Delaware and lover of BBQ, and Adrien Nieto, the passionate waiter who embraced his culinary roots over the course of the season. So what was their ultimate challenge? Only making the best home-cooked meal that also embodied them as chefs and as human beings.

And after a quick pantry run, Jennifer and Adrien were left to design their ultimate menu.

Jennifer went decidedly high-end, with a first plate of scallops and pea puree, followed by a stuffed quail with potato mash and a poached pear dessert.

Adrien stuck with familiar flavors he’d used throughout the season, adding chili peppers to every course. He started with a prawn-and-fruit-salsa thing, followed by short ribs with a cauliflower and parsnip puree, finishing things off with a flour-less chocolate cake.

That cake was something he and the judges thought would be his advantage over Jennifer… but it deflated like the world’s saddest souffl�, much to the chagrin of his family and fans watching on from the rafters. [Editor’s note: let’s take a moment to give “Masterchef” props for having the most high-pressure finale. We couldn’t write this recap with someone looking over our shoulders, let alone cook Gordon Ramsay dinner.]

So that left us with two completely different menus. And despite the anxiety-filled environment, Gordon’s adorable encouragement ensured all dishes were plated when the time ran out. But what did he think of the taste?

Well, discounting the nasty adductor muscle Jennifer left on her scallop, the judges seemed to go for her first course over Adrien’s overly-sweet, not-so-prawn-filled prawns. They loved his concept and presentation though.

Main course! There has never been a more suspenseful score to a two-minute shot of someone slicing up a quail, and, holy-anticlimactic, it ended up being perfect anyways. The boys loved it. As for Adrien’s pressure-cooked short rib, which we wish we were eating right now, it almost made Gordon cry. And Graham actually did appear to tear up, though that might have been from the chili. This round seemed like a draw.

Jennifer’s pear ended up leaving the judges underwhelmed, but Adrien’s shrunken chocolate tart — it started out as a cake, right? — was more unappealing than it was anticlimactic. And bad is worse than boring, so it seems dessert was Jennifer’s round as well.

Since you can do the math, we don’t have to tell you who won. Oh wait, we do? Alright, it was Jennifer!

Congratulations, Jennifer. We never would have thought, when you first walked in with that ill-advised newsboy hat, that you’d take it all home.

Are you happy with the outcome? Both chefs ended up being among the most passionate and respectful competitors of Season 2, so it’s hard to begrudge either one. But if you’re really mad, you can always audition for Season 3. They’re already taking applications.

And check back later for our full interview with Jennifer.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell