masterchef season 4 top 3 'MasterChef' Season 4 finalists: Natasha Crnjac, Luca Manfe or Jesse Lysiak, who advanced?The Top 4 face off on “MasterChef” Wednesday night (Sept. 4) for a chance to get to the Season 4 finale, with maybe the most heated episode we’ve ever seen on the show.

For the first mystery box, the final four have to cook in pairs. Luca chooses Natasha, leaving Jesse with Krissi, who continues her streak of not being able to get along with anybody ever. When she can’t help Jesse out with anything, she just leaves. Jesse calls her out about how, basically, worthless she’s being and she storms off like the mannerless child that she is.

She does come back, but it’s ridiculous, with Jesse ending up doing almost everything and Krissi barely being able to slap some apples and cream on a plate for dessert. Of course Jesse and Krissi are in the pressure test.

The pressure test is a chocolate mousse for Graham, a chocolate molten lava cake for Joe and a chocolate souffle for Gordon. They have 75 minutes. In the end, Krissi’s souffle is undercooked (and looks terrible), while Jesse’s mousse is too dense. It comes down to the molten cake, which is nearly cake soup on Krissi’s end, so Jesse advances to the Top 3.

The mystery box challenge for the Top 3 is to remake their initial audition dish that got them onto the show. Natasha has empanadas and skirt steak, Luca has broccoli rabe ravioli and Jesse has seabass en croute.

The chefs are ranked and Luca is last, followed by Natasha and then Jesse is the winner of the challenge, which gives her an advantage in the final elimination challenge — she gets first dibs on the main ingredient for the challenge. Natasha gets second pick and Luca is stuck with whatever is left.

Jesse chooses kobe beef and Natasha chooses Alaskan king crab, which leaves Luca with the grana padano cheese. That may prove to be a fatal error, since Jesse set Natasha up to give Luca the crab, which he struggles with. But giving the Italian man the finest Italian cheese? Possibly huge mistake.

For their dishes, Jesse makes some veggie and noodles with her kobe beef, Natasha makes a cold yakisoba noodle salad with her crab (risky) and Luca does a stuffed veal cutlet filled with grana padano along with frico (an Italian tart made of cheese, potatoes and onions). Luca appears to have quite an edge given his ingredient.

In the end, Natasha nails her cold salad, while Luca’s dish is a bit heavy. Jesse makes a big mistake in leaving her papaya slaw off her plate in favor of the veggies and noodles. It seems as though Luca should be heading home, plus we think Natasha and Jesse have been more consistent than he has this season.

But the judges choose to send through Natasha first, then they pick Luca and send Jesse home. Huh. That surprises us a bit.

What do you think, “MasterChef” fans? Did the right two chefs advance? And who do you think will win next week?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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