masterchef 513 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 13 recap: 'Top 8 Compete'

It’s gotten to that point in the season where favorites start going home on “MasterChef.” With only eight home cooks left, someone has to walk out the door at the end of the night.
Before that, the contestants paired up for a team challenge. Each pairing was given part of a chicken and the results were a bit surprising. Seeing Elizabeth agree to work with Leslie, while Courtney and Christian teamed up were interesting choices. What’s crazier is that they were the winning teams at the end of the challenge.
Leslie and Elizabeth used their chicken oysters to make a curry dish, while Christian and Courtney nailed their leg. Willie and Cutter’s breast was bland and sloppy, and Jaimee and Daniel’s wings just didn’t cut it.
That led those four to a very unique pressure test, which happened in three stages. First, the four were expected to make a perfect poached egg. It was Willie who did it best, while Cutter broke his egg and Daniel somehow separated the yolk from the white.
Next, the remaining three made egg yolk raviolis, which are no easy feat. Somehow, Cutter turned in the best ravioli, while Daniel’s wasn’t properly sealed and Jaimee’s just wasn’t as tasty.
In the final head-to-head showdown, Daniel and Jaimee made cheese souffles. Surprisingly, they turned out looking practically identical. When it came down to the taste, the judges all agreed that each had their strengths and weaknesses. Jaimee’s needed less egg white and more cheese, while Daniel’s was just far too salty.
In the end, with all of the challenges factored in, it was Daniel who was sent out the door, leaving seven cooks competing for the prize.
Eliminated: Daniel
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