masterchef 502 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 2 recap: 'Top 22 Compete'; Who went home?

Now that the proper competition has begun, “MasterChef” got off to a delicious start. The first mystery box challenge was desserts and the elimination challenge was to make a meatloaf.
In the first elimination of the night, Astrid the lady who has trouble cleaning her station was shown the door after bombing the mystery box challenge. Courtney took the first mystery box crown and made the same mistake almost everyone does. She now thinks she’s running the game and even called herself a puppet master. Really, she used those words to describe herself. 
Reign it in a bit, Courtney. It’s only the second week of the competition and you won a dessert challenge.
As a reward she was immune from elimination and decided the home cooks would prepare a meatloaf. Courtney also got to pick half of the home cooks to sit the challenge out. She took her time picking people, explaining how she was better than each and every single one of them. She’s on her way to being about as likable as Leslie, who spends a bit too much time yelling about nothing.
Francis shocks everyone with the best meatloaf of the night, winning the elimination challenge. Big Willie was a very close second. Stephani, Dan and Whitney landed in the bottom three, each making pretty gross plates. In fact, Gordon Ramsay told Dan to his face that his meatloaf was “disgusting.”
In the end, Whitney turns over her apron and walks out the door. The judges just don’t think she has enough passion to be MasterChef.
Eliminated: Astrid, Whitney
Next week, the home cooks are feeding the US Army. Expect lots of tanks and gunfire.
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