masterchef 506 recap fox 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 6 recap: 'Top 16 Compete' and controversy enters the kitchen

Controversy came to the “MasterChef” kitchen in the latest elimination challenge. Before that, the remaining home cooks had one of the most exciting mystery box challenged of the season.
Each competitor was given a box of unlabeled canned food, which led to a variety of outcomes. The Top 3 each delivered gourmet-quality food, though one was a bit less impressive than the others.
Elizabeth presented a borscht she made using canned ham and peas. It was one of the most visually-appealing soups you’ll ever see and had a taste to match. Victoria had the most inventive idea, creating meat fritters. She used five different meats in her mixture.
Then there was Ahran. She played things smart, limiting herself to only using canned fruit and, instead, relying on the pantry for the majority of the dish. Her rolled sponge cake with fruit and cream looked delicious and tested incredible, but it feels like a bit of a cop out.
In the end, it was Elizabeth’s dish that took top honors, garnering her an advantage in the elimination. That advantage was she didn’t have to cook. Enter “MasterChef” 4 winner Luca and “MasterChef Junior” winner Alexander, who presented her with their signature dishes, veal and a panna cotta respectively.
Elizabeth also got to choose what each home cook would prepare of the two dishes. This is where the controversy began. With such a strong background in desserts, Jaimee smartly prepared three different panna cottas, just in case. However, when it turned out she needed the third, it was simply gone.
When presenting her dish, she took the criticism, rather than throwing anyone under the bus. However, when Tyler presented his dessert, Gordon Ramsay stopped the judging.
It seems Tyler accidentally grabbed one of Jamiee’s dishes rather than his own, which everyone agrees was a complete mistake. Unfortunately, accident or not, he didn’t serve up his own food. After the judges confer, it’s decided that he will be automatically eliminated.
It’s a sad ending for a promising home cook, but the rules are in place for a reason. After an emotional goodbye, Ramsay announced that Courtney won the challenge and will have an advantage next week. If only she would stop talking like a supervillain, maybe viewers could root for her.
Eliminated: Tyler 
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