dog ate masters tix russ berkman Masters 2012: Dog eats tickets, vomits them back upThis probably wasn’t the first time the folks at the Augusta National Golf Club had heard, “My dog ate my Masters tickets,” but this time it was actually true — and Russ Berkman of Seattle had the pictures to prove it.

The night before his trip to the Southeast with friends, he left for a quick errand, and when he came back, his Swiss mountain dog, Sierra, had an unfortunate surprise for him.  

“When I walked into the house, I noticed there were a few strings on my hardwood floors,” Berkman tells Sports Radio KJR (click through to KJR’s site if you really want to see the pics of dog vomit). “It looked to be the strings that were connected to my Masters tickets.”  

Sierra had eaten all four of the coveted tickets, but thanks to some hydrogen peroxide to make Sienna cough up the ticket pieces, along with his email verification, pictures of the original tickets and the Southern hospitality of the Augusta ticket office, Berkman and his friends were able to pick up reprinted tickets and watch the final practice round for the Masters.

“[Sienna’s] just fine,” Berkman says of his pup. “She’s as happy as can be, and completely oblivious to the fact that she’s famous.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper