michael sheen masters of sex season 1 finale showtime 'Masters of Sex' Season 1 post mortem: Masters admits the thing we've all seen comingShowtime’s new drama “Masters of Sex” wrapped its first season on Sunday (Dec. 15), punctuating its season finale with a moment that the series has been building to all season long. Bill Masters (Michael Sheen) professed his love for Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) in the pouring rain.

Sure, the moment felt a bit like a moment in a Nicholas Sparks movie, but seeing as how “Masters of Sex” is telling a true story, anyone with any outside knowledge of the central partnership knew it was coming.

After Masters’ presentation of his study falls apart once the topic moved from men to women (Gasp! Women are sexual beings, too?!), while Virginia reads his presentation and learns her name was added to the cover of the study, Bill shows up at her doorstep, telling her he can’t live without her.

It may be a bit of an embellishment regarding the reality of their relationship (though they married in 1971 and were wed for 20 years, there was more than just love at play), but it’s a season clincher that “Masters of Sex” has clearly been steadily working toward since day one. Where the show goes next, well, you’ll just have to do that research on your own. Or, you know, tune in for Season 2.

What did you think of the “Masters of Sex” season finale?

Posted by:Billy Nilles