masters of sex paleyfest red carpet gi 'Masters of Sex' Season 2 spoilers: Cast additions, a time jump and answering the Season 1 cliffhanger

The second season of “Masters of Sex” won’t premiere on Showtime until July, and in fact that cast has only been shooting the season premiere for about a week.
That didn’t stop the cast and crew from spilling a few secrets while walking the red carpet before their PaleyFest panel, though. The big question on everyone’s minds is the conclusion to the Season 1 cliffhanger that saw Bill (Michael Sheen) showing up at Virginia’s (Lizzie Caplan) doorstep to confess he can’t live without her.
Executive producer Sarah Timberman tells Zap2it, “We will find out the answer. We will certainly discover what happened in the immediate aftermath of that final moment.” However, that doesn’t mean everything will be resolved, as she continues, “There may not be one simple answer to what happened.”
While the premiere will pick up where Season 1 left off, Timberman says the episode spans a few weeks, there will be an important change about halfway through the season. “In the middle of our 12 episodes we’re making a really big time jump,” executive producer Michelle Ashford says. She won’t reveal just how long the jump will be, but says it will be significant in terms of TV.
There will also be some new faces interaction wth Masters and Johnson. While Annaleigh Ashford will return as Betty DiMello, Betsy Brandt (“Breaking Bad”) and Danny Huston (“American Horror Story: Coven”) are joining the show as well. “They’re playing against each other,” Timberman says.
Caplan and Sheen were mum about what was to come for their characters, the former assuring Season 2 is “like Season 1 but better,” Teddy Sears was able to talk about Langham a bit. “Something happens in his life that I think spins him off in a direction that we didn’t see at all in Season 1,” Sears explains. While that could mean a change in the way the character operates, it’s not a guarantee.
“Masters of Sex” Season 2 will debut in July on Showtime.
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