'Match Made in Heaven's' black bachelor shows what 'The Bachelor' is missing
Meet Shawn Bullard: The first black non-celebrity bachelor on TV and the new face of WE tv’s “Match Made in Heaven.”

On Wednesday (Feb. 4), “Match Made in Heaven” — a reality show that’s all about finding love, much like “The Bachelor” — made its debut. It follows Bullard, a 34-year-old owner of a real estate development company, as he attempts to find his wife out of a pool of 24 women. 

Although the show’s format is quite similar to that of “The Bachelor,” there are definitely some major differences between the two reality shows. For one, sometimes the women are dumped via text instead of walking out the door without a rose. Ouch. Other differences include the fact that Bullard’s sassy mom and a pastor — Ken Johnson, the Indianapolis Colt’s spiritual advisor, to be specific — are there to guide him along the way. However, the only difference that really matters is the diversity that “Match Made in Heaven” highlights. 

Unlike “The Bachelor,” this new show decided to start things right off the bat by featuring a black man as its leading man, a move that “The Bachelor” has failed to do in the 19 seasons of its existence. The ABC show was close when it had the opportunity to give “The Bachelorette”s’ Marquel Martin his own season, but it never ended up happening.

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Luckily for Bullard, he has the chance to show America what a black “Bachelor” looks like, and, based on the premiere, he’s already doing a great job.

When Bullard first introduces himself to the ladies he says, “I have truly been blessed. I’ve had a lot of success, and there is one thing missing from life right now, and that’s my dream girl.” He continues, “This isn’t all about me, this is about what you all want, as well.” Now doesn’t that sound like the type of bachelor you want to watch find true love?

Not only is Bullard different from the average “Bachelor,” but the contestants are as well. They range from white to black to hispanic and have careers in everything from photography to law to music. Basically they’re not all white dental hygienists. Yes, one of them is a stripper, but that’s beside the point.
By the end of the premiere it’s apparent that ABC and “The Bachelor” are way behind the times. Sure, “The Bachelor” might be the more classy version of “Match Made in Heaven” — the former is to Pinot Grigio as the latter is to belly shots — but does that even matter when it completely lacks the diversity that WE tv’s show has? 

“Match Made in Heaven” is the show that’s headed in the right direction. It shines a spotlight on diversity and the fact that someone who’s not a white man from the midwest can be a suitable bachelor. Get with the times, ABC.

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Posted by:Casey Rackham