Mattdamon Matt Damon isn’t against torture. He’s just against "codifying" it, which I think means making it legal.

”Look, the best line about torture I’ve heard came from [retired CIA officer turned war-on-terrorism critic] Milt Beardon,” Damon says in the Miami Herald.

"He said, ‘If a guy knows where a dirty bomb is hidden that’s going to go off in a Marriott, put me in a room with him and I’ll find out. But don’t codify that. Just let me break the law.’ "

He goes on…

"Which I think is right. You can’t legalize torture. But anybody would do it in that situation. You’d do it to me in that situation; you’d pull out my fingernails if you thought I knew something like that.”

I don’t know that I really would pull Matt Damon’s fingernails out.

He’s such a mensch.

But hey, spoken like a true Jason Bourne.

Do you agree with Matt? Should torture be illegal, and should there be people, like Jack Bauer, who just have to break that law to save innocent lives?

It’s a conundrum.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead