Everyone in the audience was booing, thinking Matt Damon was crazy when he predicted May 30 that the Celtics would kick the Lakers’ "collective [you-know-which-body-part]" at the Spike Guys Choice Awards, airing Sunday.

Except he turned out to be correctamundo. Curse you,Matt Damon!

Click here to watch the video and yes, yes, indeed, those really are antlers (horns) our Mattie’s holding up in the air.

You will pay, Mattman. You will pay for jinxing our b-boys.

(Shout out to Zach at for this revealing, if disheartening video link, sent just as we were starting to block out the memory and go on with life.)

Photo: Matt Damon, Boston Celtics fan from, like, forever, has a big fat mouth. Next time, our Lakers will kick the Celtics’ you-know-what and yours too, for good measure. Consider yourself warned.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead