life in hell final strip Matt Groening retires 'Life in Hell' after 32 yearsAs Zap2it reported, Matt Groening is going strong with Wednesday’s season premiere of “Futurama” on Comedy Central and “The Simpsons” heading in to its 24th season on FOX. But he is letting another long-running project go. After 32 years, his comic strip “Life in Hell” ran its last original strip on Friday, June 15.

For the next two weeks, newspaper editors will have their choice of strips from the comic’s vast archive before the strip goes completely dark on Friday, June 13.

“I’ve had great fun, in a Sisyphean kind of way, but the time has come to let Binky and Sheba and Bongo and Akbar and Jeff take some time off,” Groening, 58, says in an e-mail to The Poynter Institute.

The strip chronicled the misadventures of rabbits Binky, Sheba and Bongo and the fez-wearing Akbar and Jeff who were variously described as “brothers or lovers… and possibly both.”

From a high of 380 papers syndicating “Life in Hell” in the early 1990s, the strip now runs only in about 40 publications.

The final “Life in Hell” cartoon appears above, courtesy Acme Features Syndicate.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson