Matt-Lauer.jpgAs we reported earlier, Ryan Seacrest is in talks to replace Matt Lauer as the host of ‘Today’ if he decides to leave.  At the time of publishing this article, the poll we posted stands thusly: 25% of you think Seacrest can totally deliver the hard news. 73% of you wouldn’t buy him talking about wars and famine. 2% of you think it will totally work if he starts losing his hair like Lauer.

Well, you may just be learning to live with the hardest working and most spiky-haired man in show business telling you about the latest stock market crash. According to THR, “60 Minutes” is looking at Lauer for their program. CBS News chairman Jeff Fager, who produces “60 Minutes” told the site that he’d “love to have Matt Lauer at “60 Minutes.”

Lauer’s contract with NBC doesn’t end until the end of next year and Fauer hasn’t actually spoken to him about a move. Still, it would be kind of perfect. Lauer has always managed to swing perfectly between hard news and pop culture pieces. Certainly more so than his former co-host Katie Couric, who may have been a bit bubbly for the evening news.

Lauer does have other options though. At a press conference to announce former co-host Meredith Viera’s retirement from the show, he talked about the possibility of reuniting with Couric for a show, saying, “Katie and I did speak about it. As it turned out, it turned into just talk and that’s how we left it.”

We’re just going to put out this plea. Please, Matt … please don’t make us listen to Ryan Seacrest’s radio surfer dude voice talking about the stock market. Please? We’re begging you. We’ll happily send you video of us singing “Where In the World is Matt Lauer?” if you stay.

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