“Today” anchor Matt Lauer stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday (Nov. 13), where he talks about his Halloween costume — he was “Baywatch’s” Pamela Anderson — and he and Ellen dress up as “Today’s” fourth-hour hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee.

“It was supposed to be a tribute to Pamela Anderson. I look more like Dee Snider with fake boobs,” says Lauer. “It’s not a great look.”
“I knew Carmen Electra was going to be there. I was working out. I didn’t want her to show me up in that red suit.  So for about a month I was doing crunches and man, does she look fabulous,” he adds.
He also shares that before donning the famous red swimsuit, he had to put on a “concealer.”

“When they say you’ll have to wear a concealer … it’s more appropriate if they described it as a ‘testicle vice’,” says Lauer. “I get naked and then you put this thing on. I’ve never put on Spanx but I would imagine it’s sort of Spanx times 10. And it’s intentionally 20 sizes too small. … You put those things where they’re not supposed to be and then you flatten yourself down.”

“I had my kids, though, so I’m all right,” he cracks.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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