matthew fox gi Matthew Fox countersues bus driver who accused him of assault

Although authorities decided not to press charges against Matthew Fox after he got into an altercation with Heather Bormann outside of a Cleveland bar in August, the bus driver who accused Fox of assaulting her sued the actor.
Now, Fox has filed his own lawsuit against the 29-year-old bus driver, saying she instigated the scuffle — not him. According to E! Online, the 45-year-old actor suffered “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame” after the incident, resulting in the loss of many acting jobs due to the negative publicity from the fight and lawsuit.
In Bormann’s original suit, filed Sept. 13, she accuses Fox of assault, battery and emotional distress, saying he gave her “sudden and severe blows to [her] right breast, groin, arm and legs, inflicting severe, disabling injury and pain.”
The altercation reportedly took place when Bowmann allegedly denied an extremely intoxicated Fox entry to a private bachelor party on a bus. Cleveland authorities reviewed the facts and ultimately decided not to charge Fox with anything.
Posted by:Jean Bentley