More Lincoln commercials starring Matthew McConaughey have been released and once again they make absolutely no sense. The first set of ads were mocked by everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Jim Carrey on his episode of “Saturday Night Live.”
The two new commercials — directed by “Drive” helmer Nicolas Winding Refn —  don’t do a much better job of selling cars than their predecessors. In the first, McConaughey stares at a smoggy Los Angeles sunset and says, “It’s not about hugging trees. It’s not about being graceful either.” He then drives away in the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid while talking about finding the “sweet spot” between taking care of yourself and the earth. Evidently that can only be done in a Lincoln.
The second commercial, “Diner,” makes the case for buying a Lincoln even less.

How does sitting in a diner and drinking coffee while it rains sell the car? His only line of dialogue in the entire commercial is “There we go” when he gets into the Lincoln and opens the sunroof after the rain stops. A sunroof can’t be the only selling point for the Lincoln MKZ, can it? If so, consumers can find one for much less than the $35,000 it costs.
Having a famous face sell your car isn’t a new idea. However, the least Lincoln should do is have McConaughey say something — anything — about one of their cars. How either of these commercials will sell a single automobile is anyone’s guess. If they don’t, that’s a lot of money wasted on getting an Oscar winner to promote your brand. 
The ads will premiere on TV during football on New Year’s Day.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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