matthew mcconaughey sag awards 2015 gi 'Matthew McConaughey has no ownership' in trapped deer hunting ranchMatthew McConaughey does not own a ranch that is being used for trapped deer hunting — but his brother does. 

TMZ reports a ranch that McConaughey owned with his brother Mike in Mertzon, Texas is under fire from animal rights activists due to their treatment of deer on the property for gaming, but it turns out Matthew isn’t involved. 
“Matthew McConaughey has no ownership in this ranch,” the Oscar winner’s reps tell Zap2it
McConaughey’s brother Mike’s ranch is facing some serious allegations. The ranch is mostly used for breeding and selling horses and cows, but it also offers whitetail deer hunting. TMZ reports hunters can come stay on the property during their hunting excursions and there is food, a tavern and many other amenities offered to accommodate them. 
Madison McConaughey, Matthew’s nephew, tells TMZ the ranch has received death threats from people because of their treatment of the animals. Reportedly there are over 22-thousand acres for the deer to roam on the property, but they stay near the feeding area, which provides easy access for the hunters. There are also reportedly high fences around the ranch that prevent the animals from escaping. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins