matthew mcconaughey gq man of the year Matthew McConaughey is GQ's Man of the Year, still plays congas naked

A couple of years ago, the announcement that Matthew McConaughey was named GQ’s Man of the Year might not have seemed as well-deserved as it does in 2013. He’s coming off a string of increasingly well-received movies from “Magic Mike” to “Dallas Buyers Club,” and up next is starring opposite best bud Woody Harrelson in the HBO series “True Detective.” It’s an impressive transformation for an actor who once used to be known best for his surfer dude and hippie tendencies, and one he’s well aware of.

In an interview with GQ, McConaughey says he had “no frequency of his conception” in the public eye until recently. “Now I get it. Outdoors, shirtless on the beach, does a lot of rom-coms, girlfriend loves him, good-looking. It’s like he rolls out of bed and shows up and makes it look easy,” he says.

It got to the point where he also decided he needed to try something new. “I was enjoying myself,” he says. “My relationship with acting was fine. But like in any relationship, you need to shake things up. It didn’t mean what we’d been doing was less than. I just wanted a charge. Like, ‘Let’s throw a spark into this.'”

McConaughey says he became more “selfish,” as in he started making movies not for his fans but for himself. That’s where flicks like “Mud” and “Dallas Buyers Club” came into play, and he is very proud of the performances he pulled out.

But don’t think that he’s a different guy at his core than the one who was caught playing bongos naked. “Of course I still play the congas naked,” he says. “I just close the windows.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz