matthew vs jake Matthew McConaughey vs. Jake Gyllenhaal: Which one is creepy cool?There’s creepy cool, then there’s downright creepy.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s turn as a serial killer/grown-up Donnie Darko in The Shoes’ new video for their single “Time to Dance” is just creepy. So creepy we had to stop watching once the video reached the 5 minute mark and was nowhere near over. Though, truth be told, we might start feeling stabby if we had to go to sweaty raves dressed in a fencing costume, too. Or, alternatively, if we were asked to star in a video as a totally blatant rip-off of Christian Bale’s character in “American Psycho.”

We are totally grooving, though, on the new video for Butch Walker and the Black Widows  single, “Synthesizers.” In it, Matthew McConaughey — showing Jakey G. how to do this thing right — reprises his role as David Wooderson from “Dazed and Confused” (the character who first uttered McConaughey’s catch-phrase, “Just keep livin’).

Watch both below:

Don’t worry, Jake. JKL!

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson