matthew vaughn star wars episode 7 director rumor gi Matthew Vaughn in talks to direct 'Star Wars: Episode 7'?Take this one with a grain of salt, but director Matthew Vaughn (“Kick-Ass,” “Stardust,” “Layer Cake,” “X-Men: First Class”) is rumored to be in talks with Lucasfilm to take on “Star Wars: Episode VII.”  

“My sources tell me this is the main reason he dropped out of the X-Men sequel (which Bryan Singer is now directing),” reports, noting that the rumor is “unconfirmed” for now.

Last week, word came down that Disney had bought Lucasfilm for$4.05 billion dollars — along with the simultaneous announcement that “Star Wars: Episode VII” is coming in 2015.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy also revealed that they’ve already met with a couple of writers.

While Vaughn didn’t make Zap2it’s initial list of filmmakers we’d like to see take a crack at “Star Wars” (we’re sure he’s heartbroken), he’s certainly got the writing and directing chops.

Do you think Vaughn would make a good “Star Wars” director? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper