matt weiner emmy legends Matthew Weiner talks 'Mad Men,' 'Sopranos' and more in Emmy TV Legends interviewWhen we talked to “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner last October about the show’s Season 4 finale, he was taking a break from a much, much longer interview with the Archive of American Television.

That interview — all five-plus hours of it — is now online at, which has conducted hundreds of long-form video interviews with actors, writers, producers and other people who have had significant careers in television. Weiner, who started as a sitcom writer (including stints on “Becker” and “Andy Richter Controls the Universe”) before joining “The Sopranos” and going on to “Mad Men,” was thrilled to be included in that company.

“It’s incredible,” he told Zap2it at the time. “I don’t know if you can describe the expression on my face” (we’ll go with “beaming”). “To succeed in your field is something, and being recognized in your field and all these other things are amazing. But I am fairly new to this whole thing; certainly the show is new to it. I was thrilled they thought I deserved this, that they wanted to find out what I was interested in. … It’s a tremendous honor.”

You can watch the entire interview at the link above. Below is one of its shorter segments, in which Weiner talks about several “Mad Men” characters — and why he identifies with Peggy and Pete.

Posted by:Rick Porter