max irons jake abel gi Max Irons, Jake Abel land male leads in Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'With “Twilight” slowly drawing to a close — well, after “Breaking Dawn,” the two-part final installment, the first half of which comes out Nov. 18 — another Stephenie Meyer-penned novel is getting ready to hit the big screen.

Saoirse Ronan signed on back in May to headline “The Host” as main character Melanie “Mel” Stryder. The supernatural love story follows an alien race called “Souls” who inhabit human bodies and erasing the former human’s mind. 
Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that the two male leads at the center of the love triangle have been cast. Jared Howe, the man Mel’s in love with, will be played by “Red Riding Hood” star Max Irons, son of actor Jeremy Irons. Jake Abel will play Ian, the man the Soul who inhabits Mel’s body falls in love with. 
Sounds complicated, yes. But the film is in good hands with director Andrew Niccol, the man behind sci-fi faves “In Time” and “Gattaca.” “The Host” is scheduled to come out March 29, 2013.
Posted by:Jean Bentley