Were the Angels in Waiting really waiting for Nadya Suleman to make a misstep?

If so, it didn’t take them long to start filing complaints.

According to their attorney, Gloria Allred, Angels in Waiting USA have reportedly already made three complaints to Child Protective Services about the octuplets’ mom.

And Nadya has fired the lot of them, accusing them of unprofessional and unethical behavior, of frightening her about child abduction, setting her up to fail and not empowering her.

On two episodes of Dr. Phil, airing today  and Thursday this week, AIW USA reps and Allred (and Suleman by phone on one segment) will talk about why the deal between the nonprofit organization and Suleman went sour.

Allred tells Dr. Phil:  “I think the real reason that Nadya has not been able to continue with Angels in Waiting may be the fact that not one but three reports had to be filed with Child Protective Service by Angels in Waiting [who] are mandated reporters under the law.”

The complaints will be discussed in detail on Dr. Phil’s shows airing today and Thursday.

Allred has also scheduled a press conference for today at 1 p.m. Gloriaallredangelsinwaiting

Suleman talked to Dr. Phil by phone on one of the taped segments. “The primary issue was that myself [sic] and my nannies felt extremely uncomfortable. I personally felt like a stranger in my own home. The goal was to empower me as a mother, help me, train me. I’m open to that, I want that, I want to do the very best for these … premature babies. I wanted them [AIW USA] to use their training and knowledge to help guide me. I felt that was never accomplished. I felt as though every time I tried to hold the babies, feed the babies, they would be observing and they were waiting for me to make a mistake.”

"I, I, I." Why is it always all about Nadya and helping her feel "empowered" and not about those babies?

Meanwhile, amid all the madness, Nadya found time to record her daily video with

Keep reading for Nadya’s accusations against AIW.

]]>Check out the video interview with Nadya, who accuses the Angels of making her paranoid that her babies might be abducted. She describes an Angels official opening her purse and saying how easy it would be to stuff a baby in there.

Nadya talks about wanting to call the police for a restraining order because she was so fearful. She also describes feeling as if she was constantly being  interrogated and how the Angels stopped talking whenever she entered the nursery.

Oh, they were also obsessive with the babies and they brought in "negative energy."

Just like she claims her mother does?

Right now, four of her octuplets are being cared for by nannies Suleman hired herself.

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Photos: Nadya Suleman, top, and Gloria Allred. Credits: FilmMagic.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead