A classic Grammy Carpet Moment: When E! entertainment red carpet dude Ryan Seacrest manages to wrestle John Mayer – wearing Armani and Nike –  away from his protective publicist Ken Sunshine, Mayer says, "Man, you are like the Anderson Cooper of E!" But then things went downhill for poor Ryan. When Seacrest asks if John is dating Jessica Simpson and when they will appear publically as a couple, Mayer responds in Japanese. "Now get that translated and you’ll have my answer." Undeterred, Ryan keeps going. "So are you happy?" Mayer counters, "Of course, I’m happy. Look what I just did to you." Now I’m wondering how Jessica – who had enough trouble up with things like chicken and tuna – keeps up with this guy.

Photo Credits: John Mayer’s interview with Ryan Seacrest needed subtitles.
Lester Cohen/WireImage

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