bbt 0503 cbs Mayim Bialik blossoms in role on 'The Big Bang Theory'Sometimes things can be a little difficult for Mayim Bialik on the hit CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory.” It’s just not for the reasons you might think.

You see Bialik, who plays Amy Fowler, actually has a PhD in neuroscience. So when a script ventures into detailed science talk, she’s educated enough to find any mistakes the writers make.

“I think I have a mild twitch that comes out if something’s wrong…it’s very hard for me to control myself,” she says with a laugh.

But beyond that microscopic glitch, the former “Blossom” star has integrated well into the crew of lovable nerds after joining the show in 2010. Since then, fans of the program have been getting to know Amy for all of her quirks and social weirdness. Of course playing such a strange character presents some difficulty.

“For me, the particular challenge of this character is she’s so awkward and so sincere and so eager, but she’s very curious about genitalia,” Bialik explains. She adds her acting focus is on taking Amy’s suspended adolescence and making it believable, all while integrating a team she calls “a well-oiled machine.”

Lucky for Bialik, she’s working with EP Chuck Lorre, who knows a little bit about running successful comedies like “Two and a Half Men” and “Dharma and Greg.” A point she reinforces.

“Chuck Lorre knows what’s funny. He really has his finger on the pulse of what works for our show,” she says.

Of course the biggest question fans have is whether Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy will ever advance their relationship. Moreover, do they even have the emotional capacity to do so?

Viewers got a hint of this in last week’s episode when Sheldon karate chopped Leonard (Johnny Galecki), falsely thinking that Leonard’s sprained groin resulted from a tryst with Amy. Rather, it was simply a dance floor injury.

“I got really excited that [Sheldon] was being very territorial in sort of a sweet way,” she says. Whether that means there will be love connection between the two down the road, she couldn’t say.

But we hope so.

Posted by:David Eckstein