hammer MC Hammer unveils his new internet search engine

Soon, there will be only one name in internet search. No, not Google. Hammertime!

Early 90s rap icon MC Hammer unveiled his new search engine, WireDoo, at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. What does MC Hammer know about internet search algorithms? The heck if we know. But apparently his team has been developing the deep search engine for two years. 

MC Hammer has a web development team? Apparently, he does. And the team has put together a search engine that focuses on what he calls “relationship search.” Hammer explains that a search for a car is not just about the car, but rather the model, the mileage, the location, etc etc. WireDoo will reportedly bring up related topics in multiple verticals.

Okay, so now for our questions. First of all, last we heard, Hammer couldn’t even afford a laptop, let alone a web development team. And didn’t he become a preacher or something? And also, what in God’s name qualifies MC Hammer to head a web development team? The “Addam’s Family” rap? Our theory? This is an elaborate scheme to have all searches redirect to Ebay listings for “2 Legit 2 Quit” cassingles.

Posted by:janderson