jamesmcavoy wanted 290 Casting Call: McAvoy, Wright Penn meet 'The Conspirator'; Eva Mendes joins 'B Team'Robert Redford‘s film about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln has added two more shadowy figures.

James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn will let Redford direct them through the days after the president’s killing, according to Variety.

In “The Conspirator,” Wright Penn will play Mary Surratt, a woman thought to be part of James Wilkes Booth’s conspiracy to murder Lincoln. McAvoy will take the role of Frederick Aiken, her lawyer.

McAvoy broke out in 2008’s action flick “Wanted,” while Wright Penn has held roles in movies from beloved 1987 fantasy “The Princess Bride” to 2009’s “State of Play.”

— Will Ferrell will have a bit of extra beautiful in his buddy-cop movie “The B Team.” Eva Mendes has joined the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and will bring the funny alongside Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton and Damon Wayans. Adam McKay will direct.

Other details are being kept under wraps.

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