Matthew McConaughey was definitely feeling his oats Tuesday night after winning Best Male Action Star at the People’s Choice Awards.

Asked backstage by a reporter, ‘How’d you get so sexy,” the "Sahara" star replied, “Mom and Dad and going in the jungle.” O-kay.

Asked “What do you have that the other nominees don’t?,” he grinned and held up his big crystal trophy.  Well, that does about sum it up.Jennaelfma_mazur_7012834_600

Matthew was fine with all the fawning and flattery. Asked how it felt to win, he admitted,  “I worked very hard on this film for three years and people seem to enjoy it. So I appreciate that. We don’t always win every day so when we do, it’s appreciated.”

But when a People scribe asked him what was the most audacious thing he’d ever done at an audition, McConaughey visibly bristled, “At an audition? Be careful. Remember what you’re here for. Next question.”

McConaughey’s steady girlfriend, Penelope Cruz, was not around. Word is she was staying at the Plaza Athenee in Paris, perhaps checking out awards worthy couture collections with her pal Salma Hayek. Maybe that’s why McConaughey was trying his luck with the ladies.

Backstage sipping champagne, he bear-hugged Jenna Elfman, who looked hot in a short black Vera Wang frock, while her husband Bodhi Elfman, watched nervously from the sidelines.

Kellyclark_mazur_7011260_600Then M & M cornered ex-"American Idol" and People’s Choice favorite female performer winner Kelly Clarkson outside the press room. Still holding his glass of bubbly, he effervesced to the young singer about what a huge fan he is and how many times he called to vote for her on the show.

He stayed uncomfortably close to Clarkson, wearing a Randolph Duke gown. Although she kept smiling, she was also noticeably backing away to create her personal ZOC (zone of comfort).

“Thank you. And I love… your movie…’Sahara,’ by the way,” she replied, trying to return the compliments. “In fact, I like all your movies.”

Noticing that people were watching her Close Encounter with the Creepy Actor Kind, she sputtered, “I feel so awkward with everyone watching. Well, um, okay, I really feel like an idiot,” she said, trying to end the horror. “So…it was very nice meeting you,” she said, holding out her hand.

But McConaughey was not to be deterred. He moved in and slowly, very slowly kissed Clarkson on both cheeks before she could turn and escape to the press room.

Once inside, the poor girl stepped on the podium to face questions about McConaughey’s attentions.

“So do you think Matthew’s hot? And do you have a boyfriend?" a reporter yelled.

“He’s very cute,” admitted a red-faced Clarkson. “I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s too hard to keep a relationship going, not just because I’m famous, but because relationships are just hard in general.”

One can’t help but get the feeling that having a relationship with McConaughey would be darn near  impossible.

Photo Credit: Matthew McConaughey just loves the ladies- Jenna Elfman and Kelly Clarkson – backstage at the People’s Choice Awards.
(Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

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