3 new quarter pounders McDonald's adds 3 new Quarter Pounders with fancier bacon, ditches Angus burgers

If you like your fast food to also be cheap, then McDonald’s is doing its best to cater to you. The company has announced that three new Quarter Pounder burgers will soon be added to its menu, while it’s phasing out the more expensive Angus burgers.

Fortunately fans of the Angus burgers are only looking at less meat for their buck when the shift takes place. Instead of the Angus Third Pounder patties on the currently-available Bacon and Cheese and Deluxe sandwiches, McDonald’s will be offering Quarter Pounder patties. The third sandwich being added to the menu is Habanero Ranch, the Associated Press reports. These new burgers will begin being introduced to McDonald’s locations nationwide in mid-June.

There will be two major changes to the new Quarter Pounder sandwiches that will assumedly make them bigger draws for longtime customers. Instead of the old hickory-smoked bacon that McDonald’s uses on all of its sandwiches, the company is switching out to thicker applewood-smoked bacon. The change in bacon is already being implemented. The new burgers will also be offered on a bun that has eight grams of whole grains, while original Quarter Pounders will still be served on their original buns.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz