With the 2014 World Cup being one of the biggest events in sports history, companies are sparing no expense in advertising. But a simple and amazing McDonald’s commercial may have them all beat.

Starring a cast of phenomenal — but mostly unknown — soccer players from around the world, the McDonald’s World Cup ad highlights trick shots. We’re not just talking about a little foot juggling either. These players kick balls through windows, into moving targets and all the way up to church bells.

It’s all apparently real too. In a statement to Ad Week, a spokesperson for DDB (the agency behind the commercial) confirms that there is no CGI in the video — every shot features a real trick shot.

Who are these amazing players? Mostly they are nearly unknown athletes, with the one exception being Argentinean model Fiorella Castillo (the girl in the dress and heels), found via submissions and the Internet.

What’s the point of this ad? McDonald’s has a World Cup tie-in game called GOL! built around packaging on its French fries. Whether the game and product succeed or not, the advertising is amazing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown